Christos Mentesidis

Department of Surveying & Cadastre

,I was born in Agios Dimitrios in Kozani and since 2001 I live in Thessaloniki. I studied Rural and Surveying Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

I was involved in GIS, Databases and specialized cartographic software during the conduction of my thesis and also during my military service in the Hellenic Military Geographical Service and specifically in the Digital Data Collection Faculty. I also worked in the Greek Public Power Corporation, in the South Field Coal Mine of Western Macedonia, where I was involved among other things with UAVs mapping and Monitoring. A domain of science that I am very interested in are the Digital Humanities as they enable the digital technologies that contribute in humanities and historical research.

I have participated in national and international Cartography conferences as a participant and as a lecturer.
My personal interests include cultural clubs, including the Pontic student association of Thessaloniki were I served as a President, folklore, sports and music.

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