Alexandra Kotsa

Alexandra Kotsa

Certified Property Valuer

I graduated in 1998 from the School of Civil Engineering at Democritus University and since then have been working as an Engineer. In the first years of my professional career I worked in the field of public works construction, gaining considerable experience in project surveys and certifications. Over the years I have enriched my knowledge on finance and investment assessment. This combination led me to engage in real estate appraisal with which I have been working almost exclusively in recent years, while being certified as REV and as a certified valuer by the Ministry of Finance.

During these years I have valued real estates, in different categories (residential, hotels, business, industries). The profound knowledge of the terms and rules of building erection is also the basis for my other occupation as a building controller, which I maintain from the beginning of the institution's establishment.

I believe that the use of existing building stock in the coming years is a major challenge for the engineering industry. Collaborating with specialists in the field of real estate development is the challenge we are called upon to meet, either individually or through partnerships. I am supporting this approach through my knowledge and my experience.

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