Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Serres Municipality

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Serres Municipality

    The feasibility of implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the city of Serres concerns the need for a strategic transport plan to the Municipality of Serres in terms of sustainability over a decade and is "compliance" with European guidelines.

    The main objective of the study is the elaboration of an integrated plan centered on the mobility of residents, both workers and visitors, which will clearly indicate the measures and interventions that the Municipality should develop in the next decade.

    The study area includes the city of Serres, within the study area of ​​the Urban Mobility Study, as well as the settlements of Lefkonas and Agios Ioannis.

    The process of implementing the project will follow three (3) stages:

    • During Stage I, the existing situation regarding mobility will be recorded and evaluated, as well as identifying the existing problems and needs. A vision for mobility will be developed in co-operation with the Assignment Authority, while a number of different scenarios will be developed, the assessment of which will be done through a transport model and the specific objectives set. In addition, Stage I includes the 1st & 2nd Consultation Phases with the aim of identifying problems and developing the common vision, as well as evaluating the different scenarios respectively. The 1st Public Consultation in the framework of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Serres took place on Thursday, June 27 2019, aiming to capture views of stakeholders and citizens in order to identify mobility problems in the study area, as well as discussing the development of a common vision for mobility.
    • Stage II will provide a more detailed analysis of the preliminary proposals, taking into account the results of the 2nd consultation in order to draw up the definitive traffic organization plan. It will identify the measures that will allow the implementation of the selected scenario, while the Stage will be completed with the first edition of the SUMP.
    • Stage III includes the preparation of the action plan for the implementation of the proposed measures as well as the indicative costing of the proposed measures. At the end of this stage, there will be an open event where the final edition of the SUMP will be presented, with the aim of ultimately accepting it from the participating stakeholders and citizens.


    Municipality of Serres
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    Serres, Central Macedonia