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Consortis has undertaken more than 500 projects across Greece in a wide and complex variety of applications and situations, increasing its capabilities and resulting in the creation of a strong and flexible working process that provides high quality services, so as to meet all kinds of technical and aesthetic specifications.

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Floods, Directive 2000/60 and Framework Agreement in public contracts


Floods are the second most common natural disaster after forest fires.

At times, they have caused and continue to cause deaths, population movements, damage to the human health, economic activity, infrastructure as well as the cultural heritage.

At the same time, they are responsible for the disruption and destruction of important 

Earthquake Observatory of Greece | Elassona


Sentinel-1 data from the @CopernicusEu have been used to derive the co-seismic ground motion after the M6.0 earthquake close to Elassona (Greece), that took place on 03/03/2021. The earthquake was quite severe leading to several damages in the area.

The estimated subsidence phenomena in the area reached about -38cm in the Line of Sight of the satellites.



We are grateful as a company, for the past year. Despite the difficulties and the unexpected developments, Consortis took remarkable steps forward, which contributed, both to the development of the company as a whole, but also towards the development of the specialized partners that constitute the backbone of Consortis.

Sustainable Engineering and what it has to offer


Sustainable engineering and environmentally friendly projects include the use of resources in a way that does not endanger the environment and destroy materials which are going to be used by future generations (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 2021).


Flood Protection: Why solutions are more important than ever


Engineers play an important role in understanding climate change and in creating the necessary infrastructure to help address its consequences. That is why sustainability is a core value of Consortis.

According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR):

"Climate-related disasters accounted for 91% of all recorded disasters between 1998 and 2017."